Day 18. Look At The Bright Side

"Lighten up" 

Having the willingness to look at the bright side, along with the ability to laugh a little at ourselves and the ways of the world, really does help bring back a sense of proportion to any situation. And can change our response and attitude towards it.

How often, after ranting on about something -- hands on hips all puffed up with indignation -- have I found myself giggling. It's as if I've caught a glimpse of 'me' in the mirror of self-reflection and I see just how silly I must look from the outside, feathers all fluffed every which-a-way, like an outraged wet hen.

Ha ... a touch of humor, a little laughter, are God's good gifts to help us diffuse many of life's irritating moments. If we choose to lighten up, that bit of humour will lift our spirits, ease the burden, and brighten the world around us.


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