Day 23. Celebrate The Tree

"Wait in wonder"

"I think the child in any of us is not far away at Christmas. We get some sort of special permission, perhaps, to dream and savor and dance." ~ Nancy Shuman, fellow blogger

This little spruce tree in the photo above, with its simple decorations and single strand of colourful bulbs, aglow in the soft light, reminds me so much of the Christmas trees of my girlhood.

I can almost smell the spruce gum. How I loved to let my small fingers brush across the prickly branches, breaking some of the needles to release that sprucy fragrance. And then to breathe in deeply. Trying to catch its essence. It was such a satisfying smell. Clean, pungent, fresh. 

And how I loved to sit in the darkened living room and just look at the tree. Admiring, first the red lights, then the blue ones, the orange, and the green. Closing my eyes just a little so the lights would transform into twinkly stars. I'd then look at the pretty ornaments, our homemade ones too, taking in the details. Tucking them away in my mind as tenderly as one would pack away delicate glass ornaments for another year. 

O the child-like delight of sitting in a room where only the tree lights shine their sweet beauty. Something about it sets one's heart aright. And causes one to feel the magic. A holy hush settles... And, then comes the joy, soft like a kitten's paws. Or, like gently falling snow.

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  1. How very beautiful...and much the way I felt as a child, too. Merry Christmas- xo Diana


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