Day 3. Laugh Out Loud

"Take a dose of laughter medicine"

I know, sometimes it doesn't feel funny at all, but I've often noticed if I peer closely enough, there's a tiny space... the merest hint of an opportunity for humor to wiggle out... if I let it. I intentionally look for the humor in my situations.

For I've discovered when I make that choice, like a tiny air bubble, something lighter flutters to the top, and suddenly my world doesn't seem quite so bleak anymore.

Go find your laughing buddy and laugh your guts out. Chortle. Snort. Giggle. Gasp. Roll on the floor. Hold your stomach. Twitter. Tweet. Read the silly cards at the greeting card counter. Watch a movie that makes you laugh every time. For me I can include in my list: Planes, Trains and Automobiles ... Home Alone ... this scene from Mary Poppins.

Go have a laugh... it's a great joy restorer.


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