Day 1. Watch For Moments

"Look for joy in every day things"

"December can be a hard time for many people, who keenly feel their life losses at a time when they expect to feel nothing but joy and celebration. Instead of expecting holiday times to be a perpetual infusion of happiness, we should learn to identify small, fleeting moments of joy in everyday things." ~ Meri's Musings
Every day things like...
* A stranger's smile at the post office...
* An out of the blue call from a friend...
* A gorgeous red winter coat in a store window...
* Brilliant blue jays wondering where the peanuts are...
* Clinking spoons in saucers mingling with happy chatter...
* Songs that reminds you God really, really loves you.
For, as Meri says, if we wait for the ruffles and flourishes to tell us it's time to take notice, we will have missed a thousand little episodes of joy.

* Note: This post was inspired by a post entitled Finding Joy Amidst the Loss on Meri's Musings.


  1. I love this series - I'm gong to be back again and again - especially as we get closer to chrismtas. Great ideas!!!!

  2. Dear Brenda - hopped over here and discovered this lovely little nugget of joy in the Midst of the Holiday Madness. I am looking forward to enjoying it during 2017. Hugs!

  3. I happy you linked to this blog! I'm going to read here for my monthly advent reading. I so agree with this post, not only at Christmas time, but year round. Focusing on moments...that's so good.

  4. I love this and I loved every word. Thank you, Bren.


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