Day 6. Just Be

"Stop right now"

"Take time every day to stop running, stop planning, stop multitasking, and be still. If five minutes a day is all you have, start with that." ~ Elizabeth Sam
There is something good and right to give ourselves permission to take a few minutes to stop and 'just be'... especially during these busy times.

Stop right now. Do it! Take a deep breath and say your name out loud. Gently. Soothingly. Now say this to yourself...

Best Beloved, I give you permission to stop what you're doing and be restful for 5 minutes. You're free to stop list making, baking, shopping, multi-tasking, zooming around doing chores on empty. AND, I release you from any sense of guilt or shame.

Draw another deep breath and let it out slowly. You should notice a difference -- a peaceful calm -- starting to settle around you. The stress and tension should start melting away. And feel a balance returning. You might even notice that the birds have been singing all morning and you're finally noticing.

Now go and live today... joyfully.

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  1. I'm reading this at the end of the day, Brenda, and it's very apt. Today I took the time to just be - a walk in Butchart Gardens, and now a quiet evening beside the fire. Such a great reminder to all of us. Thank you.


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