Day 8. Smile

"Up at the corners"

It's so simple.  It doesn't cost a thing. With just the mere hint -- even hearing the phrase 'up at the corners' our faces and our lips are teased ... cajoled into perking up, even if just a little.

Today you might have to brave jostling crowds at a busy mall. Why not decide to go with the deliberate intention to keep it 'up at the corners'. Meet people with a smile, remember they're just trying to get their stuff done too.

And, don't forget to smile at fretting babies and toddlers, strapped in their buggies in crowded, noisy grocery stores. Without getting too close as I don't want to intrude, I'll try and catch their eye. How often have their little frowns turned into burble-y grins. No words even have to been spoken.


Marvel at the thought that your very presence, through the gift of your smile, can change the atmosphere around you. People feel the shift -- I've seen it happen. And, if you are one who walks with God inside you, you are carrying 'heaven on earth' every place you go. Surely that must cause your face to break out into grin.

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